Songline Emu Farm, now in its 20th year of business, is scaling back it's emu breeding and farming program in order to fully focus on expanding our Emu Oil Product lines and growing the online and catalog sales of those products.


We will purchase fat from small US Family Farms which use the same humane and natural farming practices that we have assuring us of the only highest quality fat for our AEA Certified Emu Oil. 

Songline Emu Farm Emu Chicks for Sale

Emu Farming in the USA

Songline Emu Farm is committed to humanely raising genetically superior Emu Stock without the use of growth hormones, chemical pesticides or herbicides and unnecessary antibiotics.  Our  participation in a  superior feed and natural supplement program; focus on genetics and emphasis on a stress free environment have produced birds of exceptional temperament, quality and productivity.


The key to successful emu farming is having hens that lay lots of easily hatchable eggs, matched with  roosters with high fertility rates; whose combined genetics produce large, friendly, easy to work with birds that will provide you with a maximum return of meat and fat for your investment of time and money. That's where we come in - selling Songline Emu Farm emu chicks from strong bloodlines.

Let our 20 plus years of experience and selective breeding start off your commercial farm, petting zoo or family farm with friendly, healthy birds.  It's worth the investment.